Supporting the K-12 Computer Science Framework

Codecademy teaches millions of people how to code because we believe computer science education is fundamental for the future of our world. Unfortunately, many people don’t get exposed to computer science concepts until college, and many others never do. That is why we are proud to support the K-12 Computer Science Framework with computer science education leaders like The K-12 Computer Science Framework will create sustainable and systemic changes in K-12 computer science education for millions of students world-wide. As stated on the framework’s homepage:

Underpinning this effort is our belief that computer science provides foundational learning benefiting every child. Computer science gives students a set of essential knowledge and skills important for students’ learning and for their future careers and interests.

The framework consists of practices and concepts that serve as a platform for schools to create their own computer science standards. Over the past five years we have developed our own standards, some of which happen to apply to certain practices and concepts in the K-12 framework. For example, learners interested in collaborating and communicating around computing (practices #2 and #7 from the framework) can join Codecademy’s free forum, where they can discuss lessons from Codecademy’s courses.

Learners interested in algorithms and programming, a core concept in the framework, can enroll in free Codecademy courses, and learn how to program through our interactive interface. Our introductory HTML / CSS and JavaScript courses are great places to start.

Watch this short video for an overview of the K-12 Computer Science Framework, and contact if you have questions. We welcome learners of all ages (children under 13 require parental consent) to join Codecademy for free, as it will provide an engaging way to broaden their computer science education.