Welcome to the New My Path Dashboard

We’re changing the look and feel of Codecademy Pro to make clearer what you’ve achieved as well as what you’re learning next, and the new My Path dashboard is the first step. Check out the highlights of what the dashboard is introducing below!

Know Where You Stand: A Comprehensive System for Tracking What You’ve Learned


Now, lessons, quizzes, and projects are all counted towards your course progress, so if you noticed that some courses show a different percentage of completion than before, don’t panic! On the other hand, be excited that now you’ll get the credit that’s due for completing everything in a course.

Move Around Faster with the Updated Path Navigation

We’ve moved your path from the top of the page to a sidebar on the left. The new navigation is accessible to you always, even when you scroll, so you can move around your path more easily. You can also now add all the courses you want to your path (and it won’t look crowded anymore)!


Focus on What’s Important in the new Course Pages

Each course now has three tabs: Overview, Syllabus and Today (for courses you’ve started). In the Overview tab, you’ll find a thorough description of what you’ll learn and why it’s important. In the Syllabus tab, you’ll find all the content in the course just like you used to: every lesson, quiz, project, resource, and final project is still there—but better organized. And finally, in the Today tab, you’ll be able to see where you left off on the course and what’s coming up next.


New World, New Look

Finally, you might have noticed that things look slightly different, and that’s because we’ve changed how things look—a lot. We’re introducing a sleeker look, optimized for better use of space and conveying the information that you care about more clearly.


With the new Dashboard, we’re entering a new stage of Codecademy Pro. Along with releasing Pro exclusive content for upcoming courses like SASS and ReactJS, in the next couple of months we’ll be introducing more exciting Pro features. Get stoked.

Have feedback? Encountered an issue? Please don’t hesitate to email us and let us know.