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Augusto Giavedoni
over 4 years ago

Result error

Hello guys. I have an issue. I have the correct code, I know it because I watch the forums and I copy it. The name in the result is turn around, like this: uɐᴉɹoʞᴉɹʞ ᴉɟɟɐɹ. I don't know where is the error, please help.

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same thing happen with me. I think there is bug . I try like follows and it work perfectly

puts "Raffi Krikorian" + " - " + tweet["text"]

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Pravin Tiwari
over 4 years ago


522fa07e80ff338faf0018fd_855512302 apex over 4 years ago

I think when the course was created, that user had his name as "Raffi Krikorian", but has since changed his name in Twitter.
APIs by design return current information, and the problem here is probably that the course, while well-intentioned, can't be expected to keep up with every user change or API update that is made.

53f22eed631fe9baf0000167_673250325 Keith Horowitz over 4 years ago

Perhaps the course maker should create a specific ID that will not change to make sure the correct answer is possible without having to go to the Q&A forum and hard code a value. Thank-you for posting the correct answer here!

70c45c9530d9b3d52d01552547a1362f?s=140&d=retro imclerran about 4 years ago

Thanks Pravin. Kieth, maybe the tutorial test harness ought to use the Twitter API? #novel_idea

52670854f10c60520c002826_307715197 Pravin Tiwari about 4 years ago

It's fine :)

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I'm assuming that @raffi is the author kurrik. So I kindly asked him to 1) either change his name back, or 2) modify the tutorial to use screen_name (which he is less likely to change for fun).

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over 4 years ago