JQuery (Original)

jQuery is a library of pre-written JavaScript code that makes it easier to navigate a document, select DOM elements, create animations, and handle events.

JavaScript and jQuery

Javascript review for jQuery

This course is going to give an overview and review of the javascript topics that are needed to start building things using jQuery.

jQuery Bar Graph

Review the jQuery material you just learned with a bar graph example.

Getting started with jQuery

Basic jQuery

Provides an introduction to jQuery selectors, selection manipulation, and object manipulation.

jQuery Checkers

A little project to build a function checkers board using jQuery

JQuery DOM Mastery

Basic jQuery - Part Two

Covers more fundamental knowledge of jQuery that you need to know.

jQuery Checkers - Part 2

This section uses the same checkers concept from jQuery Checkers to practice element creation, insertion, removal, and the use of data().

jQuery Events

jQuery Events

Learn many of the use cases and features of events in jQuery. After completing the course you will be able to take full advantage of event-oriented programming.

Hangman Game

Make a Hangman Game using jQuery events!

jQuery Effects and Plugins

jQuery Effects and Plugins

Learn about jQuery Effects and Plugins and how they can add features to the jQuery lirbary.

Flight Scheduler

How to use the jQuery UI as a jQuery plugin!

jQuery Sliding Panel Challenge

Sliding with jQuery

Create a sliding panel with jQuery.

jQuery Tabbed Pages

Tabbed Menu

Let's make a tabbed menu.

Collapsible Message Panels

Collapsible Message Panels

This course will teach you how to create collapsible message panels entirely in javascript so you can use them on your own site.

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