Linear Regression in Python: Introduction to Simple Linear Regression

Learn about simple linear regression and how to implement it in Python.

Tue May 18, 2021 at 3:00 PM UTC

Event Information

In this session, we’ll introduce the concept of simple linear regression and learn how to implement it in Python. Linear regression is a machine learning technique that is used to predict and analyze quantitative outcomes, such as salary, time spent on a website, or adult height. In the process, we’ll review algebra and graphing skills and learn about concepts that are applicable to many different machine learning algorithms.


Headshot of Sophie Sommer

Sophie Sommer


Sophie is a Curriculum Developer focusing on Data Science content. Sophie is a former classroom teacher with a background in learning analytics and education research.

Headshot of Alex Kuntz

Alex Kuntz


Alex is a Senior Curriculum Developer, specializing in Data Science. Before working at Codecademy, Alex taught high school computer science classes.

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