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Our team regularly hosts special events, livestreams, and tutorials. Not finding the event you're looking for? Check out our Chapters for peer-led Meetups hosted by learners like you.

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Event Archives

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World Emoji Day Celebration!

Sonny Li is joined by Emojicode creator Theo B. Weidmann for a demo and Q&A.

CS101 #1: Syntax and Variables

Join us for the start of our Back To School series where we write our first program in Python!

CS101 #2: Functions

In this second session we’ll explore how to write functions in Python!

CS101 #3: Control Flow

Learn how to control the flow of your code using structures like conditionals in Python!

CS101 #4: Lists

Storing one value isn’t enough! Learn how to store multiple values in a single variable using Lists in Python.

CS101 #5: Loops

Let’s start to build some more complicated programs as we learn how to use loops in Python!

CS101 #6: Strings

Let’s learn how to use our words by working with Strings in Python.

CS101 #7: Dictionaries

Learn how to structure your data in a new way using Dictionaries in Python

CS101 #8: Classes

In our last session, use all of your Python experience to create your own data structures using Classes and Objects.

Codecademy Live: Election Forecasting and Probability With R

Join us as we look at election data from FiveThirtyEight and investigate what it means to forecast an election.

Codecademy Live: Augmented Reality for the Hour of Code

Join curriculum developers Zoe Bachman and Alex Kuntz as they walk you through how to make your first augmented reality experience

Codecademy Live Stats #1: Summary Statistics and Visualizations Part I

In our first session, learn to load a dataset into Python, inspect the data, and take a first look at some of the variables.

Codecademy Live Stats #2: Summary Statistics and Visualizations Part II

In this session, we’ll continue to investigate our data using summary statistics and data visualizations.

Codecademy Live Stats #3: Associations between Variables

In this session, we’ll cover ways of assessing a relationship between two variables, using summary statistics and visualizations.

Codecademy Live Stats #4: Introduction to Hypothesis Testing and the Central Limit Theorem

In this session, we’ll introduce inferential statistics and hypothesis testing by learning about the central limit theorem (CLT).

Codecademy Live Stats #5: Hypothesis Testing - Simulating a Binomial Test

In this session, we’ll implement a hypothesis test, but we’ll do it by writing our own simulation-based function in Python.

Codecademy Live Stats #6: Hypothesis Testing - Significance Thresholds and Multiple Hypothesis Tests

In this session, we’ll discuss some of the problems that can arise when hypothesis testing is misused.

Codecademy Live Stats #7: Hypothesis Testing for an Association

In this session, we’ll turn our attention to hypothesis tests that can be used to evaluate an association between two variables.

Codecademy Live Stats #8: Planning and Implementing an A/B test

In this session, we’ll talk about experimental design and sample size determination in the context of an A/B test.

Creative Coding with Codecademy #1: Intro to p5.js

In our first creative coding session we’ll introduce you to p5.js and make our first project!

Creative Coding with Codecademy #2: Creating Bouncing Balls

Let’s learn how to animate our p5 sketches. In this session, we’ll learn how to make balls bounce across the screen.

Creative Coding with Codecademy #3: Exploring the p5 Web Editor with Cassie Tarakajian

Cassie Tarakajian joins us to talk all things p5.js, Processing Foundation, and creative coding.

Creative Coding with Codecademy #4: Generative Art Creator

Learn to make some interactive artwork inspired by John Whitney and Vera Molnar.

Creative Coding with Codecademy #5: Interactive Video Sculpture

Learn to add videos to your p5 sketch in this project inspired by Nam Jun Paik.

Creative Coding with Codecademy #6: Object-Oriented Programming

In this session we’ll learn how to use object oriented programming with p5!

Creative Coding with Codecademy #7: Machine Learning Visualized

Learn how to create a visualization of the popular K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm using p5

Creative Coding with Codecademy #8: Audio Visualizations with p5.sound.js

Learn how to add audio to your p5.js sketches using the library!