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almost 6 years ago

Are there errors in the code?

Hi, I found the correct answer: O(2^n).
However, I think there are problems in the code:

  • console.log(binary(3)); gives me TypeError:&nbspObject.keys&nbspis&nbspnot&nbspa&nbspfunction
  • isn't it better to insert ; after } in lines 8 and 11?
  • I'm not so sure the given code really calculates an array of all binary strings of length n; if it does, I don't understand why. I can't try it and figure it out because of the error I get. Thank you for your attention, bye! M.

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I couldn't say why you might be getting that error... Try using the reset button and see if the error persists. If that doesn't work then try switching browsers.

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Eric Summers
almost 6 years ago

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4f8f6ea95a87fe00030031ad_732049700 Eric Summers almost 6 years ago

Also, the semicolons on 8 and 11 are optional. Feel free to include them if you like, but the code works without them.