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Any offline resources?

I might be going somewhere with little to no Internet access, but with electricity. Are there things I can download so I can continue learning Java without being online? Simple, basic stuff. Also, what free program can I download so that I have an offline console….something that will run my beginner-type code like the scratch pad does, so I can practice? Thanks!

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You don’t need anything other than a recent version of a modern browser. Firefox, for instance, has a built-in tool called Scratchpad, which is much like the Codecademy JavaScript scratchpad. To open it, you need an open browser window; then select “Scratchpad” from the menu Tools > Web Developer. Just enter your code, run it, test it…

Also you could use the JSConsole, which is a Web site, but once you’ve loaded it, you can disconnect your computer’s Internet connection and still work offline with it as long as you don’t close the tab or window. You can also download it for offline use, but I haven’t tested if it works properly without an Internet connection.

The popular browsers Google Chrome and Opera also have built-in developer tools that include a JavaScript console (a Console will run every single line as you hit Enter). Just google “chrome javascript console” or “opera dragonfly” for an abundance of instructions / videos explaining how to use these tools. Neither require an Internet connection.

Hope this helps. Happy coding!

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Is there something similar for python as well ?

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