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Peahen Amonglox
almost 5 years ago

Suggestion: explain use of "/" in self-closing element

The lesson doesn't point out its use of "/" to self-close the element (it must be inferred from the examples).

It's also worth mentioning - as another poster has pointed out - that the "/" is strictly only needed in XHTML, but that it won't do any harm when used in HTML.

(A largely academic point: you're closing an element, not a tag.)

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I'd say that it's easier to give suggestions with the Feedback button in the exercise.

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over 4 years ago

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Hello Peahen, if you have followed the first lessons, you know that the most of the tags are open and closed like , and so on.
Exist a second category are self closing, it means ,, . Do you see the difference?. The first one need two tags, The second just one

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Submitted by
Tobias Páez
almost 3 years ago