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1.3 Section error

As with 1.2, there is a bit of confusion. Having the correctly nested tags is important with HTML so the browser renders the page correctly.

  1. Put in the !DOCTYPE HTML tag.
  2. Put in the html opening and closing tags.
  3. Between the html tags, write whatever you like.

Your !DOCTYPE tag IS the opening tag, thus, the 2. & 3. steps NEED to be & tags, NOT & . You have alredy opened your tag, all you need to do is close it.

My code;

<!DOCTYPE html>

Granted, with 1.2 and 1.3, it may work and you may be able to move on to the next section, but correctly explaining properly nested tags in HTML really needs to be done here and these sections should be fixed.

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Simply leave out the Body and headers this is the beginning so you don't need to work so hard
This is for 1.3

<!DOCTYPE html>

The (, ), stand for the < > because if i write the code correctly it will not show up.
I hope I helped.

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57bd121a8369662abf0002ea_201442639 Todd over 5 years ago

The point is to get people in the habit of coding an HTML correctly, not taking the easy way out just by skipping over a tag in the intro what was I was inferring.

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