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over 5 years ago

Does "em" stand for something?

These HTML lessons have been great about putting a name with a shortened code word (href is hyperlink reference...src is source...etc). Knowing the relationship between what you type in the code and it's real meaning helps my understanding.

Does "em" stand for something?? This is the em used instead of px when defining the size of text.

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An em is equivalent to the width of a letter m. Ems allow you to change the size of text relative to the size of the text in the parent element.

for instance, if the font-size of the document is 12pt, 1em is equal to 12pt. Ems are scalable in nature, so 2em would equal 24pt, .5em would equal 6pt, etc. Ems are becoming increasingly popular in web documents due to scalability and their mobile-device-friendly nature.

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Steve McGeachy
over 5 years ago

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5357f80552f86369650006c5_794102226 Sangeeth Sudheer about 5 years ago

Its an old definition. Its deprecated now and nowadays, the size of M is less than the one traditionally applied. It is normally taken roughly as 16 pixels size. i.e, 1 em = 16 px

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Eric, I must congratulate you again, this exercise is great.

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Alberto Pazuello
about 5 years ago