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Nicolas Lepage
over 5 years ago

4.2 - Answer

var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", "", false);

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I just realized that the name of this website is Codecademy and not Codeacademy. DUH! Thanks for posting.

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over 5 years ago


Picture raymond komlan amegadjin over 5 years ago

D*** couldn't figure it out all this while . Thanks

507a3f01918e7b02000028df_295181801 Jack Chi over 5 years ago

same here

524355aa548c357765000178_59608109 Jonas Lomholdt over 5 years ago

Haha, thanks for this! Only just realized this.

526da440abf8217c0e0000b2_690570673 Nathan Lloyd over 5 years ago

I got the first part right, just forgot to send it :/

Ce9e4805b5b114f82fb25ad52f852b5c?s=140&d=retro mike over 5 years ago

same, codecademy not codeacademy ;)

Picture Nabil El Alaoui Sossey over 5 years ago

This was my problem with this exercise too. I kept spelling it CodeAcademy and not Codecademy. LOL!

5001f0f43bfd8d0002000ee0_826759493 Emanuel Hahn over 5 years ago

everything was a lie until this point

53f3764e282ae3da53000455_587160470 Julijana Seketa over 5 years ago

the same thing happend to my little sister. wow.

Picture Jakub 'Dielo' Greksa about 5 years ago


50c257f7b6813bf979007e14_965098079 Simon Bromberg about 5 years ago


522496adabf821e7c1002190_376007614 Tom almost 5 years ago

Snap! Been using this site for weeks and have only just noticed! Durrr

5397067480ff33b25200132d_250769213 Sirscribble almost 5 years ago

been using this site for months and months and until you said.... oh how i didnt know >.< xDD

537ccbea9c4e9de5870000ca_973792293 eduller0001 about 4 years ago

u all are really just knew tht i knew tht since the beggining of time for i am a time lord

537ccbea9c4e9de5870000ca_973792293 eduller0001 about 4 years ago

feel my two hearts

537ccbea9c4e9de5870000ca_973792293 eduller0001 about 4 years ago

1234 1234 1234 1234

B8f52b3b76f2deb4eb75d817a12b7af3?s=140&d=retro Lori S. about 4 years ago

^I don't know who you are but I like you

554cf7c951b88777180008a6_744481352 Adrian Pardo about 3 years ago

same issue -.-

561ecae79376769dce000566_340535453 Stefan Frank almost 3 years ago

Same here! (facepalm)

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Another thing to be aware of: You need the www in the URL or it will fail.

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over 5 years ago

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32e55ae7db6998ae81c21578747d1b16?s=140&d=retro Ivan about 5 years ago

That was my problem, thanks! :)

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I found this post to be very helpful in seeing my errors. I realized I didn't need var in front of and false didn't need parentheses these simple errors can be crucial when coding.

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Tameeka Powell
about 5 years ago

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Just goes to show that most people don't know or type the domain in properly, which can only mean that codeacademy is a poor site name haha.

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32e55ae7db6998ae81c21578747d1b16?s=140&d=retro Ivan about 5 years ago

You typed in the wrong name it's codecademy not codeacademy. And I don't agree with you.

D40259d3c97b5ce551d23c6e409eb7e9?s=140&d=retro hain54 about 5 years ago

Don't get sour now Ivan, it was only a joke.

You're probably new here, but the original name was codeacademy. Try visiting codeacademy and the URL will redirect.

The name is hard to remember or type out, too many vowels in it. you're definitely new to the internet in general.

B547e00a7a763d6f2a0110aeb17f7264?s=140&d=retro admin6 about 3 years ago

@hais54 and @Ivan STAHP FIGHTING

55c96525e39efe607a000784_727349661 Tr0j4n V1ru5 Coding almost 3 years ago

ERROR 9999999; BANNED!