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over 5 years ago

why won't my picture of the test ninja load?

I am trying to post the pictures they want me to but it won't apear

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Did you remember to put the URL of the Ninja picture in quotes and with the http:// pre-fix ?

The HTML should be....

img src=""

NOTE - I have not shown the < symbol at the start of the line or the /> symbols at the end of the line.

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Paul Sumpner
over 5 years ago


510ee4d718d4ac85a30008ad_482751181 mike over 5 years ago


51115bc75039267a93000d55_373667822 Jitmett Nabunwat over 5 years ago

Mine didn't appear too!!!

first i think: because he's a ninja so he must hiding himself from me. aww that's really fun.
me lolllll

80f6defd2d8edfd36cfb64411bdd3f16?s=140&d=retro Chewieez over 5 years ago

I'm using Firefox and it appears that anytime that a short URL is used as an example, the image does not load. I have to go to the full URL, then copy and paste and then it will work.

I'm using Firefox 18.x on a Mac running Mtn Lion. Maybe it works differently in different browsers. For me to complete the exercises, I had to make sure not to use any short URLs for my IMG tags.