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over 5 years ago

Code from 1.2 doesn't copy to next exercise.

From here on the code doesn't get copied to the next exercise so I can't continue unless I copy the html and css code from the exercise before. Could you check this and correct please? If I need to do this for all the next exercises I'll be spending more time on copying than on actually making exercises.

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This problem has happened to me before with several other exercises. Often times I simply press the reset button (once I jump to the next exercise) when I notice the code does not transfer over. This way seems to update things.

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D7e10cc5f04baf8e986e7696d20ec6da?s=140&d=retro chucknology over 5 years ago

Thanks but in the meantime I think they fixed it.

C14f7d7a6b74f2e7afd77ca3e60ffafd?s=140&d=retro smorri over 5 years ago

Cool :)! I noticed today that it seems to have been resolved (for now)