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Submitted by
Marc Zornes
over 5 years ago

Lost CSS from 3.4 to 3.5

Hi -
Just a head's up, I lost the CSS when I moved from lesson 3.4 to 3.5. Not sure if it was me or a bug

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Hi Marc. Yeah, I had the same problem on several occassions. When I moved upto the next tutorial, I lost the previously edited code. However, its still there if I go back. Its a bug with the editor and it appears sometime. One day, I lost my entire code due to it.

However, if I save in the end and move onto the next tutorial, I will get back my code. Otherwise, if you're simply clicking on submit and moving on, you may lose the code. Try saving your code and then submit and move on. That should be a way to solve this problem temporarily. I hope Codecademy fixes this.

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Submitted by
Sangeeth Sudheer
over 5 years ago


9085e0d7f4f001b3323035d65325e318?s=140&d=retro jtylerwright over 5 years ago

I've read that people were having this issue with IE8 and IE9. You might want to try another browser; I use Chrome and not have any issue like this.

512d3a08c8b1f412a9000e2d_466330804 Meg Shea over 5 years ago

oh ok i have chrome too I just use ie so I will try that

512d3a08c8b1f412a9000e2d_466330804 Meg Shea over 5 years ago

oh my gosh what a difference in just how it looks...hopefully it works better too and I can finish some exercises it would not let me!