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Submitted by
Mohammad JF Shimul
over 5 years ago

why nothing shows when i click submit button?

when i click submity button it replies nothing why?

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Will someone post a possible answer, because I cannot get it to work. Thank you/

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Submitted by
Chistopher Pack
about 5 years ago

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possibly because there is a closing / you missed or a minor code missing please post your code for review..

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Submitted by
Bryon S Brill
over 5 years ago


Ffdcab1dbf84c4598d62ee002e79a69f?s=140&d=retro Allan Clow over 5 years ago

This is the final section and it just says "Click Submit to complete the course" but when I click submit nothing happens.

Picture Fausto Cáceres over 5 years ago

cut and paste the code, it worked for me

24f3a2897131dc2af9270aeebd2f3f09?s=140&d=retro James Makins-Elliott almost 4 years ago

where from "caca"