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Nisha Dey
over 5 years ago

Asking me to add 1 more p tag, but I already have it in my code..

Help please! Whatever I do,it still displays the same message!

"Oops, try again.
It looks like you only have one p tag. You should have two!"

Here's my code:

<!DOCTYPE html>

        University Of Oxford
        Graduate Courses  
        Undergraduate Courses  

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I had the same issue and stopped using the indexing (adding a 1 or 2 and so forth) and it worked. Now is this a syntax issue or what? Paragraphs can only be named and nothing else? In the text editor once you type the tag it automatically generates the closing tag. And the results after you submit it are one heading and two paragraphs. I guess we will learn more as we proceed. For now do it like this so you can get gratification!!!!

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Submitted by
Emilio Rojas
over 5 years ago

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E9527db5cd612192d2d6f3bf336acba8?s=140&d=retro Harini Gunasekaran over 5 years ago

The HTML tags are almost standard so avoid using numbers before or after the tag contents. Eg: or . Both the examples are wrong. This condition is applicable to all the html tags

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yea.. makes no sense. Do you think we need another header?

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over 5 years ago


52bd539f548c35a097001ed2_684352950 Anas Zubair over 5 years ago

it is because you have written "" for second paragraph, you don't have number the paragraphs(not recognize by html) just use "" it will do just fine.

Picture StephanieLira7 over 5 years ago

I think that you don't need to call 'p1' it's just 'p' in this 2 cases. Try that.

47167c4ed59e53970319012f8e84a952?s=140&d=retro KT785 over 5 years ago

I use only "" and I am still getting the same error. Ive tried many different variations