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Imran Khan
over 6 years ago

How can I create a hyperlink for just one word?

I cannot seem to create a link using just a word in a paragraph. I have successfully created a link for the whole paragraph by place the on either end of a paragraph and it works fine. But when I try to do it to a single word that word and everything after it just disappears when I hit submit.

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I can't use html code because it will dissapear as soon as i click on "add answer", so i replace these ones "< >" with "[ ]". Of course you have to change them back when using it.

Just write your paragraph and replace that one WORD with this line of code:
[a href=""]WORD[/a]

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Submitted by
Michel Bak
over 6 years ago

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I have tried to use these instructions & the links do not show up in the preview for me. Have I overlooked something?

[p][a herf=""]For sprout haters.[/a][/p][p]The following recipies have been collected over time and will hopefully have your man thinking,[a herf=""]Is this Swiss Chard? [/a] It's crunchy! While eating his still ketchup covered breakfast.[/p][/body][/html]

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Submitted by
Elizabeth Edwards
almost 6 years ago