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about 5 years ago

The result says "Oops, try again. " even when done correctly

Is there something wrong in the below html ?

<!DOCTYPE html>

Bad to the Bonez Webpage Inc

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Type it like this but without the periods:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<.title>Bad to the Bonez Webpage Inc<./title>

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about 5 years ago


52a1c8a88c1ccc878e0027ab_305184271 codingnoob1991 about 5 years ago

Had the same problem thanks alot. :)

Picture Clayton Ketcham about 5 years ago

Thanks so much!

C5de49886c08a33fcc6e6f5ff7720b6e?s=140&d=retro ratapus about 5 years ago

Yea i had it in the same order but i guess it wasn't spaced correctly or something and it was making me really pissed XD

0595602b0a43bda747cc96b697caabde?s=140&d=retro kameshvaran about 5 years ago

ya i too got this problem

8049c4c089ba806f27fbff26d84b15ca?s=140&d=retro paths_vivi about 5 years ago

what's the difference?

Picture Pavol Magic about 5 years ago

well the problem is you probably didn't have the opening and closing title tag in the same line. for real. I just tried more ways to write it and this is the only one accepted...

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Yeah you should remember to place TAGS around statements.:)

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Martin Vaska
about 5 years ago

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ditto -- frustrated that it wont let you move forward

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about 5 years ago