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over 5 years ago

I have put in the three sets of paragraph tags. But when I hit submit it does not register that they they are on screen and working. How can I fix it.?

Chickens are very interesting birds that come in all shapes and sizes.
Almost every continent and country has chickens. They are a necessary food source in many cultures, whether they are used for meat or eggs.
Chicken eggs have many different uses from scrambled eggs, egg drop soup, cheese souffle, eggnog at Christmas and colored eggs at Easter.
There are many verbal expressions that involve chickens Here are just a few.
To be chicken. Is to be frightened. To have bod on one's face is to be embarrassed. To be a new chick is to be very young.

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Have you put any text between these tags? If you have r this doesn't work could you post the code and I'll have a look at?

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Jordan Edmondson
over 5 years ago


512d3fa17df8cbb46200174d_226913594 Symbat Issabayeva over 5 years ago

<!DOCTYPE html>

Headings & Paragraphs

<Director of Some Stuff>


504b84920d00650002051d8d_501926230 Jordan Edmondson over 5 years ago

You've put the text between the <>'s , i can't remember which excercise this is for so I can't give you the right answer but try taking away the < and the > around the text such as VP of Fancy Towne

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about 5 years ago


504b84920d00650002051d8d_501926230 Jordan Edmondson about 5 years ago

i'm guessing he tried to copy and paste the code but he clicked the wrong place and this was already on his clip board :P Confused me too though

522ad068abf821dd3e001305_617628593 Landon Galbraith over 4 years ago

That's his info for his paragraphs guys! :)