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Ankit Roy
over 5 years ago

How can I create a CSS file on PC?

On computer, how can I create a CSS file and then link it to my HTML file?
How can I do it with the help of notepad or wordpad?
If anyone knows a better software for creating HTML files please mention.

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Use Notepad++.
Works for me. You can create HTML, CSS, JS files and what not.

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Submitted by
Jitesh Luthra
over 5 years ago

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Picture ragnaroc14 over 5 years ago

Or any other text editor. Just save the file with the extension ".css"

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On whatever window you have open, press [Alt] then press window-options if that's what it's called, I have a Norwegian version so I don't know what it's called in English.
Anyway, it's the most bottom alternative, press that, then a new window should open up, press the middle tab, could be called "display", "show" or something similar.
Now you can cross different boxes in a menu, uncross: "Hide filenames for known filetypes", then change your stylesheets name to "stylesheet.css" from "stylesheet.txt"

Now it should properly work to link to stylesheet from your HTML file.

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Submitted by
Christian waadeland
over 5 years ago