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over 5 years ago

all I see is the duck, my image isn't there

<!DOCTYPE html>

It says "That's correct" but all I can see is the duck. I even tried copy and pasting their ninja picture but I don't see a ninja.

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Mabye if you posted your code, I could look at it.

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Philip Alcorn
over 5 years ago


0a94ecdb999817c85ad6c68bdbe51638?s=140&d=retro spinnymommy over 5 years ago

I am very embarrassed to admit that the reason it wouldn't work was that i had a tracker blocking program running on my computer. i turned it off and it worked fine.

5930333c2524c8a5f90003b6_359521987 Philip Alcorn about 5 years ago

that's good.