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Submitted by
Mark Milligan
about 5 years ago

scope exercise isn't being accepted

Getting error "did you remember to pass oauth header" when running this code. Seems to follow the hint:

require 'httparty'
require 'json'

token = "e6a75d6b6d7b0fdd0eee93fd3c141d808852a0e9"
request_headers = {"Authorization" => "token: #{token}"}

response = HTTParty.get "",
:headers => request_headers

print response.headers["X-OAuth-Scopes"]

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put some parantheses around "X-OAuth-Scopes" instead of square brackets.
There is still some error code but it passes.

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Submitted by
Franzi Vegas
about 5 years ago


7646689fc55e3c241b0065af44e43b50?s=140&d=retro WhoTheWhatThe about 5 years ago

This fix passes but doesn't get the correct response. Any advance from anyone?

510e9974831c965fe1007cb1_737802895 David Fife about 5 years ago

I am kind of having trouble as it's my first time with this stuff, but without the print resonse.headers line, it passed and gave me some output, but with that line I got nil back and it also passed