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Submitted by
Aldrich Wingsiong
over 5 years ago

Do the start and end title tags always have to be in the same line?

Does exercise 1.4 emphasize the fact that the title tags should always be on the same line?

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Not necessarily. But its in habit of a good coder :)
The below code'll work too.Try it.

   <title>Its more clean to write this stuff in one line cuz its usually not very long and doesn't have anything too much formative. Just plain simple text called title :)

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Submitted by
Ronak Jain
over 5 years ago


58ee1def2ddfa314630001c6_770779860 Brian Haas over 5 years ago

Exactly :) It will work also if you dont put them into the same line... But for a good coder its a must to have them in the same line ;)

Picture Aldrich Wingsiong over 5 years ago

Wickeddd, thanks for the quick responses guys!