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Submitted by
Chris Howland
over 5 years ago

Not Explained

I agree with the earlier posts ... what is required isn't too difficult but the exercise doesn't explain what is required. This lost me completely and I'm a professional programmer ...

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Agree with that statement. What the reason of making such lessons? That gives me almost nothing... Seems authors of that lesson was in big rush to finish and post it ASAP.

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Submitted by
Sergey Roschin
over 5 years ago


Daeee9c48df121407cfceea9cffd2c0d?s=140&d=retro Philipp Tautz about 5 years ago

Totally dont get it either. This is written in a way that only people who already know what they do will actually be able to understand it!

51968c0c803a68d361000065_720494437 Sean Tilley about 5 years ago

Currently stuck on it myself. This needs better explanation as to what needs to be done.

515b9296d72cd2423b0006a5_677979020 marlonies about 5 years ago

im stuck also.... cant think of a way to do it.... tsk