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Submitted by
Rajeev saini
over 5 years ago

Is someone help me out to solve "Make the head" portion of HTML basics?

Am getting problem to solve this " Make the Head" portion of HTML Basics. Is there anyone who can help me out?
i use to solve it out but every time failed

"Blasteraj is coming "
Raj & CO.

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<!DOCTYPE html>
     <title>Bad to the Bonez Webpage Inc</title>

Here's the correct code.
You must use "Bad to the bonez Webpage Inc" is title tag.
Try it!!! ^____^

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Submitted by
Faym R.
over 5 years ago


Ce24294d6a9983a9606a82981014713d?s=140&d=retro Rajeev saini over 5 years ago

thanks faym r. for helping me...

F3884ac33dc247065a02615e50a4e8b8?s=140&d=retro purpleberries_519b8deaba6018cdfd0039 about 5 years ago

I am confused by this. Why do you get rid of the beginning and ending?

Bb705b42d3da8687e86d10c9cd4c65a7?s=140&d=retro Jesus Ruppel about 5 years ago

I would also like an answer to purpleberries's question, does this mean that the beginning tag for html is not necessary?

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Make sure you read the instructions very carefully and enter exactly what they want you to (the exact title) also make sure you get ride of those unnecessary spaces that they put in there.

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over 5 years ago

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The above response is correct,but the second head should have a slash

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over 5 years ago

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516fb14a4c779f725f003946_985791272 Faym R. over 5 years ago

OH, I totally forget about it.
Thank a lot. :)