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Submitted by
Jim Moultrie
about 5 years ago

Why is this course so difficult to understand the syntax?

I squeaked by to pass the sections, but at the end I feel exhausted and blank at understanding the syntax of the API instruction. Could it be made clearer by linking to
other reference resources?
Is the subject so difficult or so easy as implied by the lack of q&a examples?

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Hi Jim,

I think this one is a lot more difficult than the wepay api tutorial by a mile. It could be that github, is one of those places that they assume you already are knowledgeable and that you are a reasonably decent programmer. If like me, you're relatively novice still, if you looked at the documentation on their site it can be hard going even trying to find out what github is in itself!

If you want to learn an api I found the wepay one so far to be the most complete out of all of them. The github one needs work, I came to the forums to ask the same question as you. Youtube and twitter are good examples, but wepay really shines in my eyes. I know it's been 10 months since you asked the question but I thought I would chime in.

The problem with these ones is that the answer is typically in the hint, but it doesn't explain it massively well, and I think people probably are skimming them.

Here's the github api documents if you still wanted to look at it.

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over 4 years ago


Picture Guilherme Sa over 3 years ago

I also feel like Jim too. But remember, it's NORMAL to look at a complex problem and not understand it at first. Learn how to get yourself OUT OF focused mode and give it time for this stuff to sync by coming back to it a few days later. Remember to make it a fun experience for yourself, this is the hardest but deepest secret I've been trying to practice.

Picture Guilherme Sa over 3 years ago

Btw, thanks for the hint about the WePay lesson, I'm taking a break from OAuth and going straight to it!

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I think that there is not too much "rubbist" here so not many even have tried.
I, myself, not feeling 100% good in it.

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Submitted by
Nędza Darek
about 5 years ago

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This is a tough lesson and it's a bit buggy. If you're looking for a little inspiration perhaps listen to the Ruby Rogues: How To Learn podcast.

They introduce a neat trick for learning that I've been using while addressing difficult code problems.

The NOPS Trick for how to stay outside your comfort zone and push yourself to learn difficult material or skills.
Notice It
Own It
Push Into It
Stay With It

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Submitted by
Rebecca Johnson
almost 3 years ago