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about 5 years ago

I am having a problem with 2.3, please help!

Can anyone tell me why this code doe's not work?


<!DOCTYPE html>

I Know Kung Fu (er, CSS)

What's CSS for?
CSS is for styling HTML pages!
Why use it?
It makes webpages look really rad.
What do I think of it?
It's awesome!

This is what it said:Oops, try again.
Make sure you set your p tags to font-family: Courier! It looks like your font-family is currently Courier.

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The problem isn't with your HTML code, it's the CSS. Switch to the style sheet tab to fix it, following the directions in the lesson.

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about 5 years ago

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Just had the same problem. What you have to do is capitalize the "C" in courier like this:
Courier. Instead of with a small c "courier" which was what I wrote first.

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Alexander Andersen
about 5 years ago


52e67bbb52f8638fdd00289e_411417078 DragonArchitect about 5 years ago

I did capitilize it, notice that with what it says I did wrong was that I did set it as Courier.

554bb85486f552076900024b_576482270 Alexander Andersen about 5 years ago

Okay, weird I got the exact same error and that worked for me

7499877d90eb4fc929c6fa44a095172f?s=140&d=retro olliebworth over 4 years ago

Yeah, I had that error also...

543fc82f631fe988640020d7_382532424 Tobias Páez over 3 years ago

Hi guys, Can you paste your code?