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Garamond problem in Opera (?)


p {

in exercise 2.2 just doesn't work. I don't know why. And because it's not the first time when I see the message:

Oops, try again.
It looks like your paragraph isn't in the font Garamond.

I think that there is something wrong with this exercise. Maybe Opera isn't best suited for Code Academy?

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Same here, I'm Opera user. Same problem in HTML Basics II 2.4. There is error that says :
Oops, try again! Did you remember to change the first to the font Garamond? The 'G' in 'Garamond' must be capitalized!
I just changed my browser on to Chrome and pass it easily...

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Ivan Cousin Itt
almost 5 years ago

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Did you create a link to the CSS in your HTML? And I don't think that last semicolon, after font-size, is supposed to be there, because it's the last property in the selector.

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C04fb28325b8da7c6abf59325ec0abca?s=140&d=retro GDeathScythe116 about 5 years ago

link is already created by default and the last semicolon doesnt matter

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I think I finally figured this out. I've been wondering about Garamond since they first used the term. I could never see any difference after making the Garamond change. Well - in this exercise, I substituted Impact for Garamond (I know what Impact looks like, don't have a clue about Garamond) and voila!, the font changed to Impact, a very noticeable difference. I'm wondering if the regular font that is used all the time in codecademy might be Garamond (or something almost identical) and we therefore are not actually making any change whatsoever. . Seems like they might have mentioned that.

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