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Submitted by
Jia China
about 5 years ago

what are those "#bottom_left " and "#bottom_right" for?

There are "#bottomleft " and "#bottomright" on stylesheet.css,
but there are no id called bottom or bottomleft on index.html,
and the contexts are same as in "#footer", if you delete "#bottom
left " and "#bottom_right" , the result will be same.
Is there anyone can explain it? thanks!

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I think it's there just as something extra!

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Submitted by
Hannah Moore
about 5 years ago

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Hello Jia and Hannah, Please apologize me for saying the opposite, but if you copy the code of your index file in a notepad and make a search, you'll find those two termins #bottomleft " and "#bottomright.
They're applied at this line
                <td><img id="bottom_left" src="puppy-7_zps26e8a8d9.jpg"/></td>
    <td><img id="bottom_right" src="puppy-9_zps3bab7732.jpg"/></td>
This two tags are applying for the two ending corners at your puppie's table (My Bros). If you see the 2 corners are curved.

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Submitted by
Tobias Páez
over 3 years ago