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about 5 years ago

What other tags can go in <head> other than <title>?

and what about the text written in Head outside Title element? it also appears...

and why do we need Body element if what we've written outside Body element shows the same thing?

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you can put <link>, <script> and <meta> elements in your head: The first ones link to other stylesheets and scripts and the last one provides some information about the webpage.
Although it will work, if you put elements outside, nobody can ensure it will be working. Currently the major browsers support it, but they don't have to, as it is not the standard.
Furthermore errors in your code will lead to errors on the webpage, so try to avoid errors. ;-)
I hope it helps. :-)

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Picture DANNY KHOURY about 5 years ago

Thanks a lot! It was very clear and helpful.

5154c6cf115b457ac9000021_667301409 boring12345 about 5 years ago

You are welcome! :-)

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The <style> tag is also used in the head. It allows styling with CSS to be done without using an external CSS file. Some web-developers prefer it, many others think you should use an external file. Unless you work for a company, it doesn't matter all that much.

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Stefan Bergh
about 5 years ago

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517052f7082bfc5d68002207_513563640 Tiran B about 5 years ago

It would matter if the same stylesheet is used throughout your site. Then you want to make sure it's defined externally so that any changes made to the css is applied globally to the site.

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,,, and others can be used in the head.

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over 3 years ago

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Fb6f13fcbef596b703d337caf56196d0?s=140&d=retro Joel.Miles925 over 3 years ago

Sorry...don't know what happened there.