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Submitted by
Rami Bakri
about 5 years ago

Looking for some clear definitions

Hi guys,
I like to understand things thoroughly as I learn, and whilst I could just learn the 'link' tag and what to type off by heart, I really would like to understand how the three different elements in it work together.
So could someone please explain: - is this just a tag that connects the html page to another of the coder's choice?
<link type='text/css' - could you describe the text/ css a little? are there other link types? if so, could you please elaborate?
rel='stylesheet' - what does the rel stand for here?
href='stylesheet.css' - I appreciate href is hypertext reference is a way of linking the text to another webpage. But in the previous html exercises that was used to e.g. link the word 'google' to the actual site. In this case, by typing stylesheet.css is that a form of webpage address?

Thanks for your patience. Whilst some of this may seem obvious, I just want to be absolutely clear on all this before moving on.


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The word "rel" stands for Relation

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Submitted by
Fahim Zafri
about 5 years ago