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Giovanni Tempobono
about 5 years ago

Bug in PHP lessons?


I am getting an error on lesson 04/07 of Functions in PHP, part II where it tells me that the code doesn't print anything, but I can't find an error in my code:


    function displayName() {
        echo "gtbono";

    print displayName();


I am getting this into lesson 06/07 and 07/07 too, is this some kind of bug on codeacademy?

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it's a reported bug. :-(
I hope it will be fixed very soon. :-)
By the way, I think this is the wrong QA forum. ;-)

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about 5 years ago


2d16755c9dfbc4d795ea0b94b8163165?s=140&d=retro Giovanni Tempobono about 5 years ago

I'm sorry if I posted on the wrong forum, but I am more relaxed now, I thought it was something with my browser hahaha :) Thank you!

5154c6cf115b457ac9000021_667301409 boring12345 about 5 years ago

No problem & you're welcome! :-)