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Submitted by
Mike Wyatt II
about 5 years ago

What is answer2?

I remember covering answer1 and answer3 but for some reason am drawing a blank on answer2 even after reviewing the 3 sections.

I remember learning about client keys and altering the endpoint in section 2. Seems like the answer would be "token" but I'm not sure.

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  1. Instead of username and passwords OAuth uses tokens to authenticate.
  2. OAuth uses the Authorization HTTP header to send OAuth credentials.
  3. Access levels in OAuth are called scopes.

The header is the key you write in the :headers Hash. Check out exercise 1.1 (Introducing OAuth2)

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Submitted by
Marc Cornellà
about 5 years ago

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LOL I submited without answering number 2 and it passed

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Submitted by
Tiago Rodrigues
about 5 years ago


0598e46d38330ac6b118498024660020?s=140&d=retro Mike Wyatt II about 5 years ago

Likewise. It'd be nice to have confirmation on the answer though. Lol.

4f84976a93d918000300de59_981251210 Michael Rochlin about 5 years ago

Ya... I have no idea what is wrong here...

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I submited without any answer.

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Submitted by
Pavel Zhechko
about 5 years ago