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Submitted by
Mary Bradley
about 4 years ago

There's a formatting bug not allowing your lesson text to scroll; only the first panel can be read

Hey Codeacademy, the site is great but this first CSS syntax lesson has a bug I'm afraid will continue to show up. The lesson text on the left won't scroll in Chrome, so the text ends with "You need to end each property-value with a ..." and it's hard to complete the exercise based on that.

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Same issue here. I just zoomed out (CTRL -) and I could then see the rest of the instructions.

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Submitted by
Mitsu Kubo
about 4 years ago

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Picture Alex J about 4 years ago

This should be fixed now.

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It says on the rest of the page:

"You need to end each property-value with a semi-colon (;). That's how CSS knows you're done with one pair and ready for the next.

Okay! Time for you to write some CSS all on your own.
In the stylesheet.css tab, make the font color of the p selector green. (Check the Hint if you need help.)
Remember the general syntax for CSS:

selector {
property: value;

funny I don't have the same problem. Hmmm...

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about 4 years ago