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Pinar Unsalan
over 4 years ago

What if I want to write <p>...</p> on the actual web page?

What if I want to write an element on the actual web page, like the line below?
... and as tags?

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You can do this by typing &lt; as the < symbol, and &gt; as the > symbol.

Eg. &lt;html&gt; will display as <html>

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over 4 years ago


517a65430ae8a6a1a300093d_603208090 Pinar Unsalan over 4 years ago

I found the code for the < and > symbols. And it works :-)

825c2b148470cad93f62ebc99261f57a?s=140&d=retro angelo1410 about 4 years ago

Glad you figured it out because I messed it up, not used to how this works. Edited my answer for anyone else who might see this.