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about 5 years ago

Title showing up on webpage only if entered right after <html> and not between the title tags. Why?

I am confused about why I cannot get a webpage title to show when written between the title tags, but it does show up if I write it after the html tag. (I tried this last after reading someone else's post on this forum.) What is the purpose of the title tags? I have completed the html basics and none of the text between the title tags ever appeared on the webpage.

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Hi Susan, anything you want to view on your page must go in the body section of your code. The title tag is located in the head section which means that it is for internal use only. It allows search engines to identify and catalog your page and depending on the type of browser you use it will flash on the bottom or top of the page when someone hover over your page url. Choose a simple but descriptive title. If you want to view your title on your page, add a second title in the body inside of an H1 tag. However this title has nothing to do with the other title, they perform different functions. If I didn't answer your question try pasting your code so we can see what you mean.

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tony de araujo
about 5 years ago

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689a3f4b3643f9659d3413d6c765a8df?s=140&d=retro DeanPlankCPA about 5 years ago

I have the same question as Susan, and will go back to re-code per Tony's response! Thanks.