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about 5 years ago

what is a dependency?

I hate to say this but I think this section really needs to be explained better

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A dependency is something you need to include in order to get your code to run, in this case you need to add the 'json' dependency (or gem as its usually known). To do this you have to put this towards the top of your code;

require 'json'

Put it below the two require statements that are already there and you should be able to carry on with this exercise.

Regarding difficulty, have you already completed the Ruby tutorials before trying this?

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Ben Bull
about 5 years ago

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I agree. I'm so confused...

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about 5 years ago

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I completed the Ruby tutorial before trying this but I let 20 days go by in between. Was doing all right til I hit this lesson. A little too much too fast I think. Needs a few more steps in between. Found Ben's advise above to be helpful and others Chloe88 I think on different post about same lesson.

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over 4 years ago