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about 5 years ago

Where else can I code in api?

I have finished an api course and I would like to use the knowledge but I dont know where I can code where it interacts with the internet and websites. Thanks also what scripting language would you recommend PHP, Python, or Ruby. I want to output the api information in a website by using a scripting language.

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Take a look at

There are thousands of apis that you can code with. They may not all have client libraries however, so I would suggest sticking with the more popular ones. Google has a lot of apis you can play with, and I would suggest typing in any service you can think of an puttng 'api' after it eg search 'facebook api' 'foursquare api' 'linked in api' etc

Personally I would recommend ruby as a language, but I'd go with whatever you are most familiar with.

Good luck!

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about 5 years ago

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C2b7dc8da19ca00c15347028499e7273?s=140&d=retro Eamon almost 5 years ago

Hey man Thanks. I am learning ruby. I know that there are tons of Api's, however I dont know where to code them. For example if im using a twitter api, where would I code for it to respond to the twitter server and bring back info? I know the commands because ive used them in codecadamy. I just cant figure out where to use them outside codecadamy.