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about 5 years ago

Bordering on Insanity resolved for IE users.....I think. Try it.

I got it! Finally for all you IE users. Keep adjusting your screen zoom one click at a time (with the mouse wheel) and then click submit. At some point the stars will align and the lesson will be at one with the zoom and give you that long overdue green "way to go" message at the bottom.

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I don't understand Keep adjusting your screen zoom one click at a time (with the mouse wheel) and then click submit. thing. Can you explain, pls?

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Soomanib Kamruzzaman
about 5 years ago


60088b1c61e814152968596c74238935?s=140&d=retro Placeholder about 5 years ago

It worked! Thanks.

0ef977ebb0195982900e7924f8fca927?s=140&d=retro a bu about 5 years ago

the stars are spinning out of order...not working.. could you just give me the pass?

51dd1502282ae3148000227d_625823759 Devina vyas about 5 years ago

does not work! the zoom value changes when i manually adjust the window size and then the tab hangs and i have to close it..

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Finally got it to work, even switched to Firefox, the trick like previous answers was to us ctrl with the zero button then ctrl with the minus key (beside the plus key), save and submit, ctrl with minus - save and submit after about three attempts it worked.

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almost 5 years ago

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This exercice is definitely buggy. correct css code will not let you validate it, giving you the following error message: "Oops, try again! Check all the opening and closing tags for your table elements". This error message is related to the html code only, which you are not supposed to change.

And you even get the same error when removing all code between the <body> tags, though there is not even a table tag in the code.

I was able to validate after playing a couple of times with the CTRL-0, CTRL-minus, and Save & Submit button. Anyway it's not acceptable to confront beginners with such an irrational situation: the guys are here to learn, and they are still unable to debug!

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Philippe Grondier
almost 5 years ago

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B6bd94e914641be3713a1ef52e6b77a7?s=140&d=retro Andrew Rogers over 4 years ago

Same here!