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Submitted by
Wannes Cuypers
almost 5 years ago

Can someone explain me how to link CSS on HTML

I can't link the stylesheet.css file on the index.html...
someone help me please?

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Hello fellows,
When I answered the question yesterday I was under the impression Wannes was asking how to link to a style sheet on his own. Only this morning I realized it was a specific question about a specific lesson. My apologies for that.

In the lesson, in the head section, there is already a link to the stylesheet but it is not functioning because the author wrapped it in a comment tag on purpose.
The author wanted to achieve two goals:
1- To assure you know how to comment and uncomment html scripts for testing purposes.
2- To show you where the link to the CSS stylesheet goes and how it looks like.

What to do:

If you still have the link there, just remove the comment tags: this one on the left: <!-- and this one on the right: -->
If you changed the link by mistake, just copy the following link and paste it in the head section, just above the <title> :

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>

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Submitted by
tony de araujo
almost 5 years ago


532a0b507c82ca55b900383b_543198537 Telekey almost 5 years ago

i dont get it.

50f5a0c9ac4fb45edb00076b_12988548 Khidr almost 5 years ago

I thought his answer was obvious. Read the :What to do' part again.
Put this: in the head section just above the tag.