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Larissa Collins
almost 5 years ago


I am having problems turning a picture into a clickable link. I have looked back and tried it again about 6 times at different points. Nothing I try to do works!

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An image is coded like this:
<img src="http://www.imagename.jpg"/> .
A link is coded like this:
<a href="">GOOGLE</a>.
To insert an image inside of a link just replace the title of the link(ex: GOOGLE) by the whole image code (example 1). Like this:
<a href=""><img src="http://www.imagename.jpg"/></a>

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Submitted by
tony de araujo
almost 5 years ago


52655a5aabf821a86c00087f_45483547 Taylor Hamrick over 4 years ago

Click Me!
What am I doing wrong? I cannot find anything thats wrong in this...

5533b41186f55278520000c6_295543857 tony de araujo over 4 years ago should be separated by applying closing and opens tags. like this: .com/"> then <img src="http:// before www

5533b41186f55278520000c6_295543857 tony de araujo over 4 years ago

Also please do not post code in this small windows it is just too difficult to see and to try to explain. Use a big window on the bottom where we can reformat your code.

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same here its not letting me do it!!

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almost 5 years ago


Cea5fad8124175d2e6d827e020640d4d?s=140&d=retro blogSurfer28183 almost 5 years ago

This lesson has flaws. They donĀ“t work.

5533b41186f55278520000c6_295543857 tony de araujo almost 5 years ago

Why would you say that? The first thing to look at is to see if everyone is stuck on the same problem. I don't think so, I passed it on my first try. Out a million students there is a small percentage that have a problem here. Saying that the lesson has flaws is like giving up on the first try. This has to do with understanding what an image is, and what a link is. If you need help with that, there are many students that can help but please don't blame it on the lesson itself. It;'s like shooting yourself in the foot!