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I am confused on how to do this.

I need help with completing this section.

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1- There are 2 main sections in an html page: HEAD and BODY
2- HEAD is used to code stuff for machines (like Google search engine).
3- BODY is where we code all the stuff we want to see on the screen.

a)- In this exercise you are asked to create a HEAD. You create a HEAD with the following opening and closing tags: <head> </head>
b)- Then they want you to code a TITLE in the HEAD. Since the title is in the head this title is for machines to read and not to be displayed on the screen (sort of).
You code a HEAD TITLE like this: <title> my title </title>
c) they want you to place a fake website's name as the title. The following shows the HEAD, the TITLE and the fake title text:

<title>Bad to the Bonez Webpage Inc.</title>

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tony de araujo
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F68470185835ed87b1f515d214551028?s=140&d=retro adicahyono about 5 years ago

saya sudah lakukan itu tapi mengapa masih kurang betul

5533b41186f55278520000c6_295543857 tony de araujo about 5 years ago

Please post your code on the bi text box and the exact error message

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I did this to make it work:

<!DOCTYPE html>
My code 


Remember to have a / in the front of the closing tags. It is to show it's a closing tag.

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