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Oops, try again! It looks like your border-width isn't 1px.

I'm sure my code is correct, I've checked the other forums, but I still keep getting an error. This is my code:

  • { border: 1px dashed #0000FF; }
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    I just reset my code and then did this,
    * {
    border: 1px dashed;
    color: #0000FF;
    worked fine, copy my code and reset yours

    • David over 2 years ago
      There is something wrong with the syntax checker. I copied your code and it still doesn't work. The correct code should be: * { border: 1px dashed #0000FF;}
    • David over 2 years ago
      Ok, I set my "Google-Crome" browser zoom to 100% and now it works. I had previously set the zoom to 75% in order view the page better on my screen.
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    Bruno Leite

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    Same thing here

    • Brown Letua over 2 years ago
      the universal selector is * not . I did it using * and it took the code. I hope this helps.
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    use shift+8(*) instead of dot(.)

    • David over 2 years ago
      This is is my code * { border: 1px dashed #0000FF; } It doesn-t work, I'm stucked
    • Luk3 over 2 years ago
      same for me, by the looks of it the code is correct - maybe another glitch in the mark up - any updates?
    • mooseroose over 2 years ago
      same problem tried in firefox and IE = Does NOT work tried in Chrome = WORKS devs are most likely working with chrome and it doesnt work on other browsers.... i've ran into a few problems like this already
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    Same problem in my case. I wrote:

    p, img, h3 {
    border: 1px dashed;
    color: #0000FF;

    And it does not work.