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almost 5 years ago

Are 'head' tags supposed to be inside the 'html' tags or outside? It works both ways.

In the previous lesson the 'head' tags were outside of and preceded the 'html' tags, but in this lesson they are inside, but both exercises were implemented succesfully. What was the reason for the difference in the two lessons?

If there is an explanation, please incorporate it into the lesson.

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It may be a mistake but the proper code layout should be as follows:

/*You can also link to CSS, Javascript, search perimeter's and much more here.*/
<title>Your website's title goes here, and shows up in the tab.</title>
Your content goes in this area.
Tables, DIV's, Links, List's and much more.

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Mikal Ummel
almost 5 years ago

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All Tag's No Matter What Sort Are Always In The HTML Tag

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over 4 years ago