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almost 5 years ago

everything just ERASED!

the code on exercise 5.3 just erased!!
why is this happening?!

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You can either copy and pace what you typed or try resetting the code.

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Submitted by
Remy Tran
over 3 years ago

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The same thing happened to me. Codecademy doesn't pull over the code from the previous exercise. Juts copy/paste the code from 5.2 into the editor and you should be fine. I know there are some copy/paste issues with Internet Explorer, so if you can't copy anything, try switching your browser.

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Submitted by
Arman Talkar
almost 5 years ago

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8727438d18ec747be5928041937535ef?s=140&d=retro rodtijerina almost 5 years ago

Thanks! i'm using Chrome and I just fixed that! You just click "Reset Code" and that should do it!