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almost 5 years ago

Are there keyboard shortcuts for the Code Editor?

For example, it would be nice to hit a key combination to submit my code, move on, etc. However, you can't tab over to a button, because tabs are required in editing your code. is there a way to navigate Code Academy without a mouse?

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A quick Google search found these 3 on the Code Academy blog. I searched for it & found that and also this post here after finding that CTRL+Enter (a common shortcut for submitting) worked and was hoping for more. The next lesson shortcut unfortunately only works until the end of a section. I dislike using the mouse for trivial things, so I hope they improve that shortcut.

Here's a cheat-sheet you can follow

Reset Exercise
Completely messed up a solution? Start fresh.

Windows: Alt-R
Mac: Option-R
Next Exercise
Peek at the exercises ahead. Get excited by what the section has in store you!

Windows: Alt-P
Mac: Option-P
Previous Exercise
Want to retrace your steps to solve the current problem? Revisit an exercise to see all you've done!

Windows: Alt-O
Mac: Option-O
Save and Submit
Ready to see if it works?

Windows: Control-Enter
Mac: Command-Enter

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Matt Ferderer
over 4 years ago

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559fce48937676a356000300_754443694 Kabir Goel over 4 years ago


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I second this notion.. it would be great.. funny thing is jsfiddle is also missing this shortcut.

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Steve Rekhler
over 4 years ago

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If you look at the answer above yours, you will see that ctrl-enter will submit your code.

edit: oops....that answer wasn't there then...

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mateor *
over 4 years ago

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Fortunately, Codecademy has a documentation for it. (Both PC and Mac)

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about 3 years ago

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I've checked the documentation however the shortcuts are not working for me.
Well no, specifically the Save & Submit one.
Does anyone know of a solution.

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Mika Caldera
almost 3 years ago

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I don't think there is, I tried hitting "Enter" on my keyboard, and it will just make up some space! But you can wait for someone else to Answer!

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over 4 years ago