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almost 5 years ago

Can someone explain this lesson to me?

I think I understand the purpose of a link. If I'm correct, it's supposed to "link" the html document to the CSS stylesheet. What significance do type, rel and href have on CSS? Will we learn about this later?

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<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>

1- Ok, this is standard protocol. It will always be like this so you can memorize it or just copy it from another page each time you need to use it.

2- the only thing that may change is the name of the CSS file.

3- Yes, you are right. The browser links both files (CSS and HTML and makes just one file out of them).

4- type tells the browser that the CSS file is just text (no video or images) and it also tell it that the language is CSS ( not JavaScript).

5- rel stands for relation. it says that CSS is the style for HTML. Sometimes rel is used in other contexts but you probably will never see it.

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tony de araujo
almost 5 years ago

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52046897548c3543aa000f42_512709833 Soraya almost 5 years ago

Thank you Tony! This helps a lot