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almost 5 years ago

Have no idea what to do.

Tried everything i could think off but it never works.

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First and foremost...

  • These API lessons are teaching concepts that are constantly evolving. Each of these API courses involve a 3rd party API that can change on a moments notice (can you say FB?)
  • The requirements are outlined in the source code mixed with instructions, but digging through it is a pain. I consider myself an intermediate/experienced developer, and I knew what to do, and I still got a tad lost.
  • The course instructions are definitely more geared towards intermediate programmers who know what they're looking for.

I want to help people pass this lesson, because this was written (as well as the other API docs) as a template that isn't relevant or expanding enough information to utilize them externally.


Change this line...

query   = URI.encode_www_form("id" => "TWEET ID GOES HERE")

to show this:

query   = URI.encode_www_form("id" => "266270116780576768")

Change your print_tweet function:

# ADD CODE TO PRINT THE TWEET IN "<screen name> - <text>" FORMAT

to show this:

puts tweet["user"]["name"] + " - " + tweet["text"]

I would recommend reading up here: if you want to expand your knowledge.

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Nicholas Hazel
over 4 years ago


9c49dfb183b700c6fe1fd4e2c0b60987?s=140&d=retro mbj3000 over 4 years ago

Hey Nicholas Hazel, thanks for leaving this comment. It really helped me get through something that should have been explained better. I understand what you mean about how they present the information being learned. It's as if they do expect you to know certain things and to be able to debug certain things so to speak. Just wanted to let you know this. Thx again

512d3f8f7df8cbb462001736_165830919 Nicholas Hazel over 4 years ago

No problem :-) Here to help as much as I can. Coders unite!

54b3072995e378ba6e00662a_359596643 Lucas Vocos about 3 years ago

Thanks for the article!

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I know, the learning curve suddenly increases so much without warning.

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Mohit Deshpande
over 4 years ago

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Hi Alex,

Could you show us your code? It will be easier for us to help you that way.

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RĂ©mi Lalonde Richard
almost 5 years ago