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Adding Images to your site part 2!

Hello! ^_^
I've already put in the first image and the image with a link but then afterwards it says "After your two images, create a link that's just a line of text. It can link anywhere you want."
I don't understand what this means, do I put in another link or something I don't know....
Please help

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Hello Kai-chan,
What it's asking is for you to make some text into a hyperlink. For example, you could make a paragraph tag and type into it 'Google!'. Now that you've got your text you want to make it into a link, just like you did for the images. So you would surround the 'Google!' with an 'a' tag.

    <a href="">Google!</a>

Hope this helps.

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52141383548c351b39000156_343271540 Kai-chan almost 5 years ago

Thanks for answering, very helpful :)

516449f82009ed5a2d001a83_741416260 Niko almost 5 years ago

Glad I could help. =]